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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The dawn of a new day

John's finally started to get excited about green living. He was doing a few things before, switching our light bulbs to compact fluorescent, mostly remembering to throw his recyclables in the recycle bin when he was in the same room, things like that. But he watched a few hours of the discovery channel's green programming this weekend and now he's calculating how much sun light we get a day for solar panel optimization and starting a recycle program at work.

I'm so glad he's made this change. Before I felt like I was the only one who cared. I was the one who took everything to the recycling center, Sam was into throwing the glass in and hearing it shatter at the bottom, but the novelty soon wore off. I was the one on guard to make sure kitchen scraps go into the compost, and I was the one digging things out of the trash when they didn't go where they were supposed to. I was also the one sorting through wastebaskets from other rooms. I felt like the recycle police! I was the one who tries to make sure the rain barrel is functioning, who tried to fix it's leak. It's me who turns the compost and put the garden (such as it was after the draught) to bed for the winter and planted the garlic. I was the one trying to make conscious decisions to buy things in less packaging, fish that was sustainably caught. I was the one who saved glass bottles and bits of cardboard for reuse.

Maybe I'll have a little more help learning about home remedies and herbs for health, keeping those nasty chemicals out of our bodies. Hot tea instead of Tylenol for that headache, for example. Maybe some help finding healthy recipes, some support for buying organic, and locally. Our farmer's market is only open on Saturday mornings and it's hard to get out of bed early on a weekend.

Maybe it's the dawn of a new day here. maybe I won't be alone in this any longer.

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