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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Beauty Shop

Sitting in the beauty Shop with L (we go every Thursday) listening to the gossip. And boy do those ladies gossip. It's the same set of older ladies every week. There are a few elderly ladies who need helpers like L. Today a lady I've not seen before (found out later that her usual day is Friday) came in with her daughter. We'll call the mother Martha and the daughter Maggie.

L was under the dryer at the time.

The stylist asked Marta how her Dr. appt. that morning went. She said "I didn't go tot he Dr." Maggie said "yes you did!" which led to a big argument between the two. When it was over, the stylist looking very sorry she'd asked, they headed back to the sinks to wash Martha's hair. L turned to me and sighed and said "Those days are coming for all of us"


They're already here lady. We just this morning had the same argument for the fourth day in a row about where her blue jeans are, who took/stole/borrowed and didn't return them. . . Made worse by the fact that there were never any blue jeans to begin with!

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