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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Making a Pricebook

A price book is a list of the prices of various items and various stores. As with coupon organizing there are many ways to make a price book. A price book doesn’t have to be in book form. It can be a notebook, a spreadsheet, a stack of index cards, or whatever works for you.

To start gathering your price info you can check your recent receipts, check the sales paper for the regular prices or sometimes visit the store’s website. Harris Teeter has a feature called Fast Lane and while it’s designed to let you order groceries online and then stop to pick them up, couponers can use it to get the prices of items they’re thinking of buying.

Your price book page might look like this:

CerealStore 1Store 2Store 3
Brand A2.503.002.00
Brand B2.003.503.00

The price book is a work in progress. You’ll keep adding to it as you shop.

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