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Monday, December 10, 2007

The big stinky yarn store tease

OK, first a little background on my lovely town. It's a very small town, the only big chain store type thing we have here is Wal-mart. I do not shop at Wal- mart. The nearest Micheal's, AC Moore, etc is a 30-45 minutes drive from here. OK, now onto the story.

I was driving down the main street of my town on an errand when I passed a building that used to be a restaurant. My mother said recently that the owner of the restaurant had died and that his son had taken over and then closed it down.

Out of curiosity, I looked over to see what, if anything, it had become. Imagine my delight when I saw a sign that said 'Mary's Yarn Shop'! I was so excited that I drove around that same way again to look at the hours on the sign. I didn't have time to stop just then so I decided I'd come back later that same day. Well within the hours of operation listed on the sign.

I thought about it all afternoon. There would be an easier way to get yarn and needles and other supplies, there would be someone there to help out when i got stuck on something. perhaps there would be a whole knitting and crocheting community, once hidden in my town, now revealed. I could barely wait until I could go back and check it out!

I went back. Parked my car in the public parking area behind the building. Climbed the step to street level (yes the parking spaces are in a large hole) walked down the sidewalk. Put my hand on the doorknob. Pulled. Nothing happened. The windows were dark. (this is an old building with tiny windows and you couldn't see if the lights were on or off until you stand right in front of them.)

I peaked through the door, right beside the sign telling me it was a yarn shop, and I saw tables with ketchup and mustard bottles sitting on them! No yarn. What? There was a door to the right of the main door, which lead to the upstairs of the building, but there was no sign on that door and the 'Mary's Yarn Shop' sign was closer to the main door than this one so I didn't try it.

I came home and decided to look for a number and call the store and ask where they were located. There is no listing in the phone book, there is no info on the web that I can find. I asked several people in my town if they'd ever heard of this place and they all said no.

Argh!!!! Should I hold out hope that it will open soon, that they're in the remodeling phase now, that it's actually upstairs in that building even though they have no phone? Or should I just resign myself to traveling for my yarn and supplies?

Stupid stinky yarn store tease!!

Le sigh

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