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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The joy of a dishcloth

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I recently participated in a yarn swap. Everyone's name goes into a hat and then names are secretly drawn, partners assigned and then you buy yarn for your person and send it along. It was a lot of fun and I have every intention of doing it again soon!

The person who got my name, Samantha, gifted me with some lovely sock yarn and teeny needles to knit them with. But she also included some 100% cotton yarn. I'd never used 100% cotton before and a dishcloth seemed less intimidating than a sock so I tried it first.

I cast on 46 stitches, figuring that'd be about 9 inches (which is the length of my current store bought dish cloth). I knit along happily, until I noticed that I was a row off my pattern. So, as is my way, I repeated the mistake a few rows later to make it a design feature :P

And then I washed dishes, it was amazing. First I must tell you that I can't use metal pot scourer things because I can't stand metal on metal, I always use plastic ones. Since I don't wash dishes as soon as the meal is over, (bad me, bad, bad) I often use the plastic scrubber to get dried food off of plates and bowls. With this handmade dishcloth I didn't have to do that. It handled everything, the purl bumps made excellent scrubbing surfaces. I was amazed.

The only problem I have with it is that it's a bit heavy. I didn't take into account, when I selected a size, that the cotton would be heavier than the flimsy store bought material.

I did manage to get it all dirty, tomato sauce will do that, ya know, so the one pictured up top is a smaller square I worked on to finish the ball of yarn. I think the smaller version will help with the weight issue as well. Plus I can get two or three from one ball of yarn :P

Lol it seems silly to rave about this now but I really am in love with handmade dish clothes now.
Must make more . . . . .

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