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Monday, March 24, 2008

March progess on Goals

These are the things I've done for March toward my list of goals and intentions.

  • I've joined and am exploring HerbMentor, an excellent resource packed with information to help me on my quest.
  • I've learned that my yard contains dandelion, wild onions, violets, vetch, poke, dock, plantain, chickweed, honeysuckle, wild roses, purple dead nettles, clover, Persian speedheal and wild geraniums. There are more out there to learn.
  • I've learned most of the birds that frequent my feeders and yard.
  • I've read through the informational parts of Kamana two and am now journaling the herbs required.
  • Printed out a copy of the Tourist Test. Was able to answer 23 of 133 questions. I'm now learning the answers to the others 110 questions.
  • Printed a chart telling me which vegetables and fruits are in season which months locally.
  • I've designed a chart to print and fill in when planning our meals that will encourage me to get more fresh veg into our diets. I bought lots of fresh veg and fruit when i went grocery shopping.
  • I heard Mr. Cardinal's cat warning call and recognized it for what it was, (although not until I saw the actual cat :P )
  • I made and applied a chickweed poultice to a boo boo.
  • Used a chamomile compress on my red allergy eyes.
  • I bought an echinacea tincture and have applied it to several cuts and added it to some beverages for immune boostingness.
  • I bought several field guides: National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America , Peterson's field guide to Trees, National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Wildflowers (Eastern) .
  • Created a weather chart to help me notice weather patterns and keep up with moon phases
  • Took a nature walk with Sam to the park and was able to identify several plants for her.

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