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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Eating Local

I haven't done anything at all toward my new years resolutions.

I'd love to start eating locally but finding sources is a problem. Sure we have a farmer's market but they're only open in the summer and even then it's mostly tomatoes.

We don't eat tomatoes.

The next town's farmer's market has some meat sometimes i think. I'd love to find something local for meat, eggs, milk, and even flour. Maybe just a farmer's market that's open more than three months a year. One that has winter squash, cabbage and other things that like the fall weather.

I guess I could take care of the vegetable stuff myself and plant a garden this year. i don't know how much sun the yard gets though since we've only been here while the trees have been bare. I'm also concerned about keeping the neighbor's chickens out of it.

I wonder what he does with those chickens. . .

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