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Saturday, February 14, 2009

My two favorite words . . .

First, if you haven't already, you might want to read this.

Now my two favorite words are . . . Acid and reflux!

If you read that link up there you'll know i never gave another report on Boo's health. Shortly after he came home his insurance expired and he stopped going to the doctor and taking his prescribed meds.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. Boo moved from being a contractor at his job to being a full time employ. This granted him access to the gym in the building and he started using it. At first he was just walking on the treadmill and using the stationery bike.

After a week or two he decided to start using the weight equipment. As he strained a little harder he noticed that he vision was becoming blurry. By Wednesday of that week he had large spot of black in his vision from his right eye.

He called his eye doctor who referred him to a specialist and made an appointment for Tuesday of this past week. When the doctor examined him he discovered that Boo had Diabetic retinopathy. Long story short, blood vessels in his eye were bleeding and obscuring his vision.

The doctor did laser surgery in his office that day to cauterize the blood vessels and stop them bleeding. This gave Boo a bruise under his eye. We'll come back to that in a bit.

The next day Boo bopped off to work as usual. Then he called me at 3 in the afternoon telling me he was having chest pains and his boss was going to drive him to the hospital.

Imagine. All that crap from last year came pounding back!

When i got to the hospital he was still int he emergency room. They were drawing blood and such and sent him out to the waiting area to wait. He seemed relatively fine so I left to go fetch our car (which was in another state, btw) when i returned they had put him in a room for overnight observation. By that time it was 9 o'clock at night and I had the sprout with me and had to get her home and to bed for school the next day.

As soon as she was off to school the next day i was back on my way to the hospital. We sat down there all day waiting, they gave him a stress test, they ran tests, the check vital signs on the hour. It was horrible!

At around 2 pm the doctor finally came in and said those two magic words. The chest pain was acid reflux!

yes he still has the diabetes to deal with, the hypertension and he eyesight problems, but he's not balanced on the edge of a heart attack. I didn't realize how worried I was until i heard those two words and all the worry dropped away.


I'm so glad he's home :)

Oh and that bruise under his eye? They asked him if he felt safe to go home with me. As if i gave him a black eye. *rolls eyes*

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