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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Part five of my personality profile

What am I talking about? Go here.

The last part: Extraversion you are: SOMETIMES OUTGOING, SOMETIMES RESERVED

Words that describe you: Moderate, Amiable, Laid-back, Temperate, Relaxed, Poised, Civil, Uncommitted, Pleasant

A General Description of How You Interact with Others

Lucky you! You enjoy your own company as much as you enjoy the company of others. You are a great conversationalist and thrive in the wonderful kinds of connections you know how to have with your family and friends. You also equally enjoy your own company, whether sitting in a favorite chair with your book and soft music playing or meandering in the woods by yourself. You like coming home to your family or your roommate; but if no one is home, you find quiet, solitary time to be just as pleasurable. What a great combination to enjoy being outgoing and to be just as comfortable being reserved. Lucky you!!

Because you are so amiable and relaxed, you are comfortable with almost any group of family or friends. Whether they are pumped up and lively or calm and subdued, you remain at ease. If someone needs to take over the conversation, you are comfortable taking the lead; you can also lay back and let someone else be in charge. If the conversation gets rowdy, your moderate demeanor will often draw it down to a more temperate level. If someone in the group loses their cool, you will most likely maintain your poise, and if they get nasty you know how to keep a civil tongue.

You may find yourself out of balance on occasion. If you're alone too much, you may need to get in touch with someone. If you spend too much time with your family and friends, you may need to sneak off for a day by yourself, to putter and read and clear your head of the noise of too much conversation. When you're at your best, you live with a rhythm of time with others, time alone, time with others, time alone It's a satisfying, comfortable balance. Lucky you!

I absolutely enjoy my own company. I have absolutely no problem with being by myself for hours everyday. I adore my family and I love it when they're home (most of the time) but I relish that alone time. I'm not fully myself if I don't get that time to recharge my batteries.

I like to think I'm almost impossible to offend. Yes I do get aggravated at times or angry at dumbassedness, but to truly piss me off takes some work. (Funnily enough Boo and The Sprout seems to know how to do it at will. LOL)


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