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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My personality profile

I'm not sure if you've seen those eHarmony commercials. They only air once every 5 seconds after all. I saw one a few weeks ago in which the person was talking about how well eHarmony pegged their profile. The commercial also said something about a free personality profile, so I was inspired to go see how well it did with mine.

They ask a TON of questions, everything from "Are you shy?" to "Does it matter what religion a future partner might be?" I tried to answer honestly as if I were actually filling out a profile. Surprise surprise the synopsis did pretty well on describing me.

It did so well, actually, that Boo decided to go and give it a shot. It didn't do as well with him, but it still got more than half of the things right on.

I didn't know at the time that taking the test would automatically sign me up for the free portion of their service, but it did and I began receiving "matches". The smoofy thing? Boo came up as one of my matches after he'd filled out his personality profile.


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