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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A hat for Grandma

Yes I did finish The Sprout's socks. I'll post about them with a picture soon.

Right now I'm working on a hate for my grandmother.


That looks like a hat, right? lol, I know it looks more like a scarf but it's a hat, promise. It's Ardelle by Ellen Bartz and I lurve it!

That red yarn at the end will come out. It's there to hold those stitches until I knit a long enough band to go around the head. Then those red stitches will be unraveled to allow the band to have a, um, seamless seam. I'll show ya when i get there.

I adore cables. They look so complicated and involved but really they're not at all. I'm a little nervous about picking up the stitches around the cabled band to make the crown of the hat. Picking up stitches is not one of my strengthes. But I'm a fearless knitter and I'll try anything once :P

More pics incoming as I work on it.

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