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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Part one of my personality profile

What am I talking about? Go here.

I figured I'd share the profile with you in pieces.

Here's the bit on how I interact with others.

You are best described as: USUALLY TAKING CARE OF OTHERS

Words that describe you: Understanding, Unquestioning, Humane, Selfless, Gentle, Kindhearted

A General Description of How You Interact with Others

Here's one important truth about you: you have a tender heart. Yes, you know that others need to learn to take care of themselves. Yes, you know they need to accept the consequences of their foolish or bad behavior. And sometimes, even when your instinct is to help them, you will let them fend for themselves and let them suffer the consequences of their choices or circumstances.

But most of the time you are there to help when they need you. If they are in trouble, you offer compassion and go out of your way to be helpful. If they need someone who will listen, you are trustworthy and sympathetic. And you are direct with them; when they need advice or counsel, you offer it in a straightforward, direct manner, without beating around the bush.

You're also smart enough to know that you cannot take good care of others if you fail to take good care of yourself, so you listen to your own wants and needs. If you've run out of sympathetic energy, you spend time restoring yourself. If you've ignored your own pain or frustration, you find a friend who will listen well, or go into your own private healing place and give yourself permission to focus on you.

But before long, you're back at it with your friends, offering a sympathetic ear and compassion on which they learn to trust, also giving straightforward advice and counsel when they ask for it. You do know how to take care of yourself, but your genuine interest is in taking care of others.

That's pretty much me. I love taking care of others, I go into a private healing place when I have an issue. I am insanely focused on fairness. I always try to make sure things are fair. I have zero tolerance for selfishness.

I dunno about the unquestioning bit. LOL anyone who knows me knows I ask a ton of questions and rarely take things at face value.

More tomorrow.

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