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Friday, January 16, 2009

What's the deal with Walmart?

I used to shop at Walmart, basically because of convenience. Then I stopped. I didn't walk through the doors of a Walmart for 4 years. Then this past holiday season we got umpteen Walmart gift cards so I decided to go spend them.

I don't understand what the big deal with Walmart is. Yes, some prices were cheaper, but not enough to put up with hordes of screaming kids, (some running around completely unsupervised) rude employs, and loooong lines.

Really, I seriously had a headache when I walked out of the store. It's crazy! There are what? 40 Cash register lanes. Only 3 were open on a Friday evening. Not only were the employs rude in general, but the one pushing around a giant trash can through the store actually bumped into me and kept going without a word.

I know there are lines at lots of places, and I know that employs have bad days and aren't as friendly as they're supposed to be at lots of places. I also know that's it's not the store's fault if parents aren't parenting their children. But Damn. All those things together and it's just not worth it.

I guess we'll be spending the rest of these gift cards online.

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