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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Everlasting Bagstopper

I haven't posted any knittingness lately so, here ya go :) I've been thinking of knitting a market bag for awhile now. I searched through Ravelry and downloaded and printed a few versions that I thought I'd try. Most of them ask for cotton or hemp yarn and all I had in the stash was small bits of cotton left over from dishcloths and soap socks. So I decided to use up those small bits and make a stripy bag. It started out well, but then I got bored with the stitch pattern and just started garter stitching all the way around.

Here it is

Lovely huh? I think I'm scared of that much color :P It's completely shapeless and the handle is waaay too long. It was spacious though :P I ripped it all out and now have little balls of dishcloth material again.

So, since I still wanted a bag and since I wanted one John would carry at the Farmer's Market and since I had a skein of plain light brown acrylic I decided to go with that. This time I followed the pattern, well almost, it's really hard for my knitting rebel side to follow all the directions, and came out with a lovely bag.


The pattern is called The Everlasting Bagstopper I really like it, it has a sturdy, flat, bottom with a few rows of smaller stitches to keep things from falling through. Samantha used it to haul her load of books back to the library and to haul the new ones home and it preformed well. So well, in fact, that I haven't seen it since. I'm going to have to go rescue it from her room soon. Perhaps I'll make her one of her own.

By the way, those two bags are holding the same things, a reusable water bottle, a copy of Stephen King's IT, and a skien of Paton's Merino.

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plantainpatch said...

Wow, that looks great!!