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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Free Stuff

Wow I haven't blogged in almost two months! Bad me! I'll try to blog more often.

I've been doing some serious money saving research lately, I've started using coupons and I've found it's really an art. Yesterday I used $39.00 worth of coupons! I love being able to get some name brand things instead of my old method of just getting whatever was cheapest.

Plus since I'm making connections I'm getting free stuff. Who doesn't like free stuff?! Here's what came in the mail this past week.

Yes those are all full sized products that were absolutely free. Not buy one get one free, not 'just pay shipping and handling', absolutely free.

General Mills sent the Froot Loops and the Trix via UPS. They wanted my family to try both kinds of cereal and tell them which one we liked better, color, flavor, that sort of thing.

General Mills also sent a coupon for a free box of Cheerios because I signed up for the 6 week challenge.

Chef Boyardee sent two coupons for a free product of my choice, I also received a coupon for one free Ensure (and $ off a six pack). Stride sent the free pack of gum. What one? Go here. Wal-Mart sent the full sized roll of Scott.

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