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Friday, December 26, 2008

I can finally talk about it

It's after Christmas, I can bring myself to recount the horrible tale now. This is the story of our Christmas tree.

Each year for the past 4 or 5 years we've gone to a local tree farm and selected and sawed down our own tree. The farm is really nice, they have hay rides, and farm animals for the kids to visit with. They hide little ornaments in the field of baby trees that aren't ready to be cut yet and let the children go for a treasure hunt. If they return with an ornament they get to pick a little prize from a box. It's all very wonderful and good family time. (The farm is called Santa's Forest Choose and Cut Christmas Tree Farm. I looked but they don't seem to have a website)

This year, however, the Sprout was going to be with her biological father on Christmas tree getting weekend so we decided just to grab one of those trees outside the grocery store.


Boo and I had not been having the best of days, it was COLD and raining, we were both irritated. I said something along the lines of "Oh, just grab one" He grabbed the first one and we brought it home.

nekkid tree

You may not be able to tell, I tried to take as flattering a picture as possible,though blurry (again) but the tree is no where near the classic Christmas tree shape. Ordinarily this wouldn't bother me. My crunchy granola side would pipe up and say "hey, it's more natural looking, it's not a Frankentree at all" The problem with it's un-shapeliness is that the top is bigger than the bottom. I don't know if you've been to physics class lately but when something's top is bigger than it's bottom it tends not to be particularly stable.

The tree has fallen. Twice.


I'm really beginning to think the ornaments look better on the ottoman.

Another problem the tree has, which isn't helped at all by bumping into the floor is that it's sort of flat. I guess it's from being shipped, but it's sort of folded up like an umbrella.

Oh and did I mention that when I opened the box of ornaments there were no lights? Apparently I threw them out last year, (they had a short) and forgot about it.

But it's a tree. It smells nice. It looks nice when it's lights are lit and all the other lights in the house aren't.

OK, I'm going to take it to the compost heap now.

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