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Thursday, December 25, 2008

This one time at band camp. . .

Ok, so it wasn't band camp it was gym class. My friends, I'll call them Jennifer, Tenille, and David, cause those are their names, and I didn't want to play basketball in the gym again.

Is it just me or does everyone remember high school gym class as nothing but pickup games of half court basketball?

Anyway, back to the story, we went down to the tennis courts which were behind the school and down a hill. My high school was in a very rural area so the tennis courts bordered the woods behind the school. There was a football field to the right and a cow pasture to the left if you're interested in that kinda thing.

We didn't want to play tennis either mind you, buncha slackers we were. So we were down there goofing off when we decided to go into the woods. No, there wasn't any adult supervision, why do you ask?

There was a clearing in the woods scattered with beer cans and cigarette butts. As we were walking through the clearing, I looked down and saw the sole of a shoe sticking up through the dirt. Of course, as any logical teenage girl would I screamed and pointed it out to my friends.

We poked at it and it felt solid. We were sure there was a foot inside. We made David dig it up. He slowly dug around the shoe with a large stick digging deeper and deeper until he uncovered a dead body. Not really, he just uncovered an old shoe packed full of dirt.

Good times.

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