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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My weirdness

Alright, fine I'll tell you one of my idiosyncrasies.

The people in pictures can see me. There, I said it. What? You don't understand? Here I'll show you.

See E.T.? He can see you too.


See the sprout? She can see you too, or she could if she had her eyes open.


I don't know where this weirdness came from, but it' defiantly there. We have a shelf in our bathroom, it's directly across from the toilet and it's function is to hold bath towels, washcloths, things like that. We keep a few magazines on it too for, well you know what they're for.

I had been turning the magazines with pictures of people on the front over so they couldn't see me, but anytime anyone else used the magazines, they'd crazily put them back face up. Don't they know that those people can see them?? I finally had to break down and explain to Boo why the magazines, had to be face down. Or covered completely if there is a face on the back too!

Now you know too and you can feel like your being watched all around your house.

You're welcome.

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