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Thursday, April 10, 2008

It feels right

There is a song by Moving Breath and a rendition by Robert Gass that consists of these lyrics

Ancient Mother, I hear you calling
Ancient Mother, I hear your song
Ancient Mother, I hear you laughing
Ancient Mother, I taste you tears
These words are really speaking to me lately. I've always wanted to be able to walk through the woods and identify the plants. I've always wanted to know which plants are food and which ones can be used as medicine and for what. Since I've started really studying those things, it's like some primal part of me is waking up. It feels right, in a way that I can only assume is similar to religious feelings. It just feels right to walk through the weeds.

I've never liked modern medicine. I've shied away from doctor visits whenever possible and suffered through the headaches rather than popping a pill. It's wonderful to know that I can drink herbal teas or take drops of herbal extracts to mend my ills and those of my family.

I'm getting more in touch with my body lately as well. I know that sounds weird. How could you live in your body and be out of touch with it? But trust me, it's possible and I was doing it. I'm noticing how what I eat affects my moods and energy levels.

I was always a proponent of not subduing a cough, your body is coughing because it wants that stuff out. Not coughing is counter productive to healing. Although I am willing to take something for the cough at night when it interferes with sleep. The same is true for a slight fever. When you have a fever that's part of the body's defense system. It's elevating the body temperature to make it a more hostile place for the bacteria. Quashing a fever messes with that line of defense. It's wonderful to find that the way I've always felt was right is indeed right.

I wish there was a wise woman type person around here that I could talk with and absorb some knowledge from. I hope I can be the wise woman, the crone for the future people who feel as I do.

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